Happy Fourth of July and Mea Culpa

The aim of Campaign Context is to feature academic discussions on issues relating to the elections, on a monthly basis. In June, due to scheduling conflicts and technical glitches, we unfortunately were unable to do this. We expect to be back with a new episode later in July instead. In the meantime, please take a listen to some of our favorite academic podcasts.

Past Present features historians Nicole Hemmer, Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, and Neil Young discussing politics and culture on a weekly basis. Recent topics discussed include Trump’s faltering campaign, the Orlando tragedy, and Hillary Clinton as the first female presumptive nominee for president.

Politics & Polls is a new podcast hosted by historian Julian Zelizer and  Sam Wang, professor of neuroscience and molecular biology. The first episode deals with the Trump-Goldwater comparison, Brexit, and The Party Decides.

Who Makes Cents is hosted by Betsy Beasley and David Stein, and features a wide array of historians talking about their work.

Ticker Tape

Nixon parade in NYC, 1964

You can, of course, also find all previous episodes of Campaign Context, listed under All Episodes. Happy Fourth of July weekend to all readers, listeners, and guests!


About Oscar Winberg

Grad student at History Department of Åbo Akademi University working on political history of television entertainment in 1970s United States.
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